Resa Therapy - Healing Mind Body and Soul


I hold your hand as I always have. I walk with you day and night until the end of time. You are my friend my companion, the one I always love to be with as you have a view of the world few have. I love your laughter, the way you challenge life and when you're firing on all cylinders boy are you a site to see. So bold, so upright, the strength of hundreds, no backing down.

Until you have said your bit and made them listen or feel no more can be said, for when things fall upon heads that will not listen to reason or even think about what has been said, no help can you offer these as there minds are closed to all that would help. The only hope is the brutal realisation of the world we live in we can change things one step at a time or one thing at a time if we would learn to work together. Unfortunately most leave it until that brutal realisation point has hit and a small window of opportunity has arisen it is at this time we must do what is right.

For all that is in your soul your spirit deep within your heart you must do, for you can not say after if only we did something life would be so much better, for we must stand up for what we know, see, hear and understand, to do are very best for ourself our family our friends.

And generation to come, we the people have the power to change the world in which we live for the betterment of all not just the few that would hold us in a prison of despair. We are born free. Learn to live free.