Resa Therapy - Healing Mind Body and Soul

Writings by Teresa

A Healing Prayer for These Changing Times

A prayer is powerful but with hundreds doing it at the same time it builds that power a thousand fold. Please join me at 11am UK time every day and recite the healing prayer below and help change the energy around the planet for the benefit of all.

Healing Prayer

"I ask the God force to shine its energy upon all of us on earth, to allow our mistakes of the past to be forgiven as we learn to forgive ourselves and others and learn to love one another. To allow our compassion and understanding for all to grow and strengthen allowing the path forward to be open for all. Namaste"

Healing Words

A healing prayer will grow in time. Show your love every minute of you time. Allow the kindness in your heart to be seen by all not just a few. Stand your ground, be true to who you are, look within to find More

For All Who Wish

Write a note of love and put it on your Facebook page, WhatsApp, web page or wherever you think it will matter. Text to family and friends, for the time to show who you are and open your heart More


I hold your hand as I always have. I walk with you day and night until the end of time. You are my friend my companion, the one I always love to be with as you have a view of the world few have More

Resa Therapy - The Natural Approach to Well-Being

Natural therapies are a fantastic way to relax and heal the mind, body and soul. They are the perfect companion to conventional therapies, are effective at relieving stress and strains and make a special treat for yourself or loved ones. Natural therapies can help:

Relieve Stress - Relax the Body and Mind - Help Relieve Trauma Pain
Reduce Physical Pain - Relieve Emotional Issues - Help You to Feel Great Again